Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2017


What you mean by search engine optimization (SEO) ?

SEO means a lot to people who is making money online. If they want their web property to be seen on search results-not in last page, if they want to see their web property listed in the first page then they should optimize their web property according to search engine. That is Search engine optimization.

Here SEO rules, so we should follow the rules of SEO to become the best.


How to optimize my blog for SEO?

Optimizing a blog for SEO is not so easy but it’s still possible for anyone with computer and internet knowledge. If you know to use computer and internet you can optimize your blog for SEO easily.

A tool like seomator is great to keep an eye on your site.


Backlinks can impact Positively and Negatively at the same time on your site.

Search engine considers backlink as the measurement of popularity of the site. So, people create a lot of backlinks by commenting and using online software. You can use backlink generator for creating some links. And don’t spam. In some commenting system there is a special box for adding your website link. Add your site link only on it, if there is not box to add your site link, then please don’t add your site link in it. Because it’s a perfect spamming and you will be considered as a spammer. Your site will be considered as a spam site by search engines.

So, why do you spam? I will give you some site links where you can comment and you will get do follow backlink from them. So, you can rank your site without spamming.

So, you can use those sites and forums to increase backlink to your site. And please avoid using online softwares to create backlinks. Do you think you can fool a search engine bot? So, don’t try to fool them. Be true to them, and you can really expect the same from them. If you use online software to create backlink, you will get penalty from them and it may effect your DA, PA, search engine rank and everything related to it. So, use those blogs and forums, comment there and get do follow backlink.


Why should we optimize Images?

Optimizing image for better SEO is a good idea, right? Because an image can make great changes in your blog. Image seo can drive traffic to your blog from search engine, and if you share your post in social networking sites with a good image attaches with the link, it can help you to gain readers. But optimization of image means a lot more.

  • Image size should be in very small.
  • Always give image the correct name.
  • Give alt tag for image, never leave it blank.
  • Use good looking and matching images for the content what you wrote.
  • Alt tag and title should contain the focus keyword. (Will tell you what is focus keyword.)

You can use online tools for minimizing the image size. I have used Optimzilla for compressing images for blogger. In WordPress there are several plugins for doing this job for you. You don’t need to worry about it. When you upload the image, the plugin will automatically compress the images. WP Smush is one of a good plugin.

And some other plugins are there which will add alt and title text automatically. SEO Friendly image is one of that plugin. You can download your plugin here.


Why Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is an important system for ranking in search engines. A good keyword can help your blog to rank easily in search engines. The keywords that we use must be the most used keyword in search engines. If I make it more clear, it should be the keyword that more number of people use to search something. There are several free and premium tools for keyword research.

SEMrush is a best tool among it and you can try it for free. See the trial and if you like it you can buy the premium version. You can click on the image to get your free trial.


SEMrush is the best keyword research tool, but there are some other tools for keyword research, which includes free and premium tools. Get he list here.


Why URL should be optimized? Do they help in SEO?

There are some thing behind URL also. It can also increase our search engine rank. Do you know about optimizing URL?

  • URL must be short. Long URLs are considered as spam by search engine bots, so make it short.
  • It should include the focus keyword.

Do you know what is a focus keyword or focus keywords?

If you are using Yoast SEO, you will be familiar with that word. Focus keyword or keywords are the keywords which will help you to rank in search engine, but you decides the keyword.

After doing the keyword research and using those keywords in your article, you should use the main keyword in your headline, title and URL also.


Title Optimization, How?

You should optimize your title also.

There are some rules for better SEO.

  • The focus keyword should be in the beginning.
  • The headline should not exceed the viewing limit and the perfect title will have 65 characters in it.


Do heading need to be optimized?

Heading should be optimized for Search Engines. How?

  • Use keyword in a headline. No need of using the focus keyword in every headline.
  • Use H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.
  • H2 is given more value by search engine bots.


Why shouldn’t we use focus keywords more than 3 or 4 times?

You should use your focus keyword in the content, but it should be in a limit. Over use of focus keyword looks artificial and it can effect your ranking negatively. So, use the keyword 2-3 times and if you are writing long articles use it few more times but, still try not to over use.

  • Use focus keyword 2-3 times.


Why should we give  Meta Description?

Meta description is not a ranking factor for search engines, but it’s the description under your title that appears in the search engine when some one searches for something.


And We Recommend you to use WordPress. If you need any help related to WordPress or SEO, don’t hesitate to contact me. Are you looking for a self-hosted WordPress blog with less investment but with many features? Contact me, I will give you the best hosting for your budget.

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