How to Save Money While Travelling to Australia

Save on Transport

This is a guest post by Peter Minkoff

Traveling Down Under is probably one of the best choices you could ever make. Still, the trip does not require a mere determination and some organization skills, it will also squeeze some cash out of your wallet. Australia being a must visit place on earth can be a very expensive for tourists too. The truth is that living in the country can also be very expensive, being that with the recent boom of economy, many prices have skyrocketed. Also, the country’s infrastructure spans thousands of miles. That is no reason to give up visiting. There are many ways to make your money go further when you are a tourist in Australia. Here are some of them.

Stay in a Hostel

You are probably frowning at the very mention of staying in a hostel, but if you are familiar with Australian hostel, you would think this a reasonable option. Unlike some other countries in the world, Australian hostels are a cut above the others. Choosing a large hostel is even better option, because the accommodation is usually cheaper in such places. You can actually get a pretty decent room for less than a risky budget hotel.

Reduce Food and Drink Costs

Reduce Food and Drink Costs

We all have to eat sometimes right? Still, when we take a look at the meals’ prices in Australia, suddenly, we are no longer hungry. It does not have to be that way, though. You can try to cook by yourself, because getting a bulk of groceries and saving them in your hostel can be really cheap. Dinner is usually the most expensive, so consider making it by yourself. Rice, pasta and noodle based dishes can be really affordable. On Tuesdays you will find many special discounts in restaurants, movies, theatres, etc.

Save on Entertainment

Australia offers incredibly diverse and pulsing nightlife. It is, therefore, hard to resist going out and exploring all of the fun places. Still, going out Down Under is not at all cheap. Beer and cocktails can cost around $8-12 AUD. For girls, it will be easier to find better prices, because of the Ladies’ Nights all over the country. Sometimes you can find drink special at a more affordable price. Some agencies and clubs have special offers for tourists, so you should ask around. People working in Red Door escort agency from Sydney have noticed a significant influx of tourists searching for special deals to save money.

Save on Transport

Save on Transport

Yes, even public transport is expensive in Australia, but you can significantly downsize the costs, by getting a tourist pass or a travel pass that covers your entire stay. If you are interesting in exploring the famous tourists sites in Sydney and you want to save some money along the way, you can get on a free tourist bus (555) which runs from 9.30am to 3.30 pm. It leaves every 10 minutes from the Central Stations and goes to Elizabeth Street, across Circular Quay and George Street. Renting a car is so expensive that you would be better off with buying a used one.

Search for Coupons and Vouchers

Many supermarket receipts in Australia have great coupons on the back for discount hotels, local attractions and cheap eats. You will often get a fuel voucher too. You can also be a bit more tech savvy and search for your coupons online. Groupon offers some pretty amazing deals on retailers, restaurants and service providers. It covers so many areas and has so many offers that you can spend your entire stay in Australia by using Groupon coupons for your everyday life. You can use it to book spa treatment, eat dinner at a restaurant, drink wine, book day trips, etc.

Everything expensive can be made affordable with some with and creativity. Have a good time in Australia and remember these tips. You will need them.

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  1. Sydney is immensely expensive. It’s always a good idea to spend time on the out-of-city trips, and to avoid buying whatever you can. But it is well worth the visit, definitely 🙂

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