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There are certain etiquettes you need to follow in certain places. You just cannot enter a random salon without having any knowledge about it. Next time you visit the salon, follow these simple etiquettes for a happy visit.

Always make a prior appointment – You do realize that you just cannot show up somewhere without informing them. It becomes a whole lot convenient for both you and the salon so know them in advance about the service you want to avail. They can thus make the preparations in advance. Even if you are a frequent customer, do not visit the parlor without a prior appointment because there might be others waiting before you.

Never tell the stylish to work according to his ideals – If you tell the expert to give you a haircut, which he/she thinks would be apt for you; the chances are that you would not like it. Do not always leave your new look to the hairdresser. You know yourself better and should decide if you will be able to carry off a particular haircut or not. Check for plenty of hairstyles in fashion magazines. Do your research well enough to be able to describe the look that you want. Also, do not have unrealistic expectations. Do realize that your face structure and hair texture is different from that of the girl in the magazine, so do not find the exact same results as her. Figure out your look before asking the hairdresser to do so.

Always go for a haircut only when you are in a good mood – This might sound absurd, but yes, going for a haircut when the mood is not good you’re is nearly always a disaster and one is bound to regret their decision after a few days.

Let the staff know immediately if you are not happy and satisfied with their service – Coming back to the salon after two days of the service and then complaining will not help anyone, unless, of course, you have had some kind of an allergic reaction.

Be reasonable with your complaints: Every salon and parlor has that one client, who is almost regular when it comes to throwing complaints and refusing to bill for the service. Do not do this. For the first few times, the stylish may make amends and consider your complaint, but if you do this all the time, chances are that they won’t entertain you the next time. Some people are simply never satisfied with the service offered by the salon. They have enough claims to make. So, you better do not do it. This is one of the very important salon etiquettes that you need to keep in mind.

Don’t forget to tip – Remember that tipping your beautician/stylist is your way of saying a thank you and making sure that the next time you visit the salon, you are looked after.

Choose the salon smarty! Ask friends! Do online research. We suggest Cut and Style Palam Vihar Gurgaon for a good salon experience. Just do not forget to maintain the basic etiquettes!

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