How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog In 10 Minutes

wordpress loading speed

wordpress loading speed


Let’s make our site load faster than others. The maximum loading time should be 2 seconds, are you ready for it? You can make your site load faster in less than 10 minutes by following these methods. I’m not talking about the advanced method here. But these methods can help to speed up the site. So, how to make WordPress blog load faster? Here it is.

Remove unused and low-quality plugins

Some low-quality plugins can make your site slower than ever. The plugin may function well but loading time is more important for us. You can replace it with paid or other high-quality plugins. Like if you are looking for share buttons, use Monarch or something like that. This is my personal experience. I tried several free plugins for share buttons. I never noticed the site slowing, but after finding it, I removed those free plugins and what I saw was a decrease in loading time by 1 second and decrease in the number of server requests. And also I removed some other plugins that I don’t use. Finally, the blog speed was increased. At the beginning, it took 8 seconds to load the site completely but after removing those plugins and doing some other things(I’m telling about it in the coming steps.) the loading time was 2.7 seconds. Come on buddy, let’s read the next trick. Come on.

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Optimize Images before or after uploading

You can optimise the image after or before uploading. To decrease the image size, you can use Optimzilla (before upload) or if you don’t want to waste your time going to a different site, install TinyPNG image compress plugin for that. It will compress the images while uploading. And optimisation not only means compressing. You should give proper alt tag for every image in order to get search traffic from search engines.


Invest on a better theme

Invest on a better theme like Genesis Framework and the child themes by StudioPress. Because poorly coded themes can make your blog worst. A good theme is a theme which has a good design, fewer codes, and high speed. If you can’t afford a premium theme like genesis, you can join BlogBing where you can use it for zero cost.

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Invest on a Better Hosting

I prefer Managed WordPress Hosting instead of Shared hosting. You can use shared hosting for a normal WordPress blog. But if you have a number of visitors every day like above 10k+, then you should definitely go for a Managed WordPress hosting. Because a WordPress blog needs it. Shared hosting is made for other sites, but beginners like us use it for reducing the charges. You know that even if we use shared hosting also it will cost around $50/year without any discount. If you got some discounts, it may differ but you know the discount is only for the first time and one year, not more than that. We prefer BlueHost and WP Engine.


Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

This is something new for beginners like us. I don’t prefer using this if you are a beginner and if you don’t have much visitors every day. And also it costs a little much. But we should know about it.

If you enable CDN in your blog it will allow your visitors to download all your files as fast as possible. Here the download means, loading. The files in your blog will be served to a server near your visitor and the blog will load faster. MaxCDN is a famous Content Delivery Network which has been used by most of the bloggers. The price is reasonable and the installation is easy. You can try it if you can afford it.


Limit The Amount Of Post Revisions Stored

The draft will be saved whenever we make some changes in the post. It’s not necessary to store all in drafts, you can limit the number of revisions stored to 2 or 3 or 4 using a plugin Revision Control. The plugin is old and I don’t know it personally. So, you can try this if you want to make a try.


Use WordPress caching plugins

You can use W3 Total Cache to increase your blog loading speed. W3 total cache is a powerful tool which is used by several bloggers. You can also try other plugins like Total Cache, WP Super Cache. These plugins can reduce the load time by more than 1 second. For a blogger, it’s really a great thing.


Using Lazy Load (Must Read)

Lazy load is used to increase the loading speed of WordPress blog by loading the images only after loading all other things in your blog. But is it a good idea to use Lazy Load in every blog? Of course, not. Because it can make your blog slow if yours is not a large one. I mean a blog with a very large number of visitors every day and a lot of contents. If you own a normal blog then it’s better to avoid using that plugin. You can experience the change by activating it once if you haven’t tried it yet. If you activated it already, try opening your blog after removing it. You can see the speed change. But still, I say if you have a large blog, use it because it can increase you blog loading speed and will work better.


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These are the working and practical steps a beginner can do easily without much effort and skill in WordPress.

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