How To Add Search Ads on Blogger Blog

google adsense for search

google adsense for search

When you want to search for something, you need a search box to do that search. And you know how important it is?

It’s good to show a search box on every site. So, do your site have a search box?

If not, why don’t you try a better search box which generates income from it?

If yes, do that search box helping you to earn money? If not, why don’t you try the Search Ads feature?

You can create a search box on your blogger blog and earn money for every ad clicks using this method.

1.Open AdSense and sign in with your AdSense account. Click here to open your AdSense Account.

2.Click on My ads.


3.Click on Search which is seen in the left side bar.

4.Choose Custom search engine from it.


5.Click on New Custom search engine.

6.Fill the name, keyword, etc.

7.Choose – Only Sites from What to Search.

8.Give the URL of your site with http. Only give your site link.


9.Choose Search box and ad style as you wish and leave custom channels as blank.


10.In search results you can see three radio buttons available, choose the third one that is on my website using iframe.


11. Go to blogger and create a static page and name it Search.

12. Copy the URL of the page you created.

13.Paste the copied URL in the box given under the Radio button.

14. Give the required size of the Search box.

15.Click on Save and then click on Get code.

16. You will get two codes. One is for the Search box and another is for the page you created.

17. Copy the first code.

18. Go to Blogger and open Layouts.

19. Click on Add a gadget where you want the search box to appear.

20. Choose HTML/JavaScript.

21. Paste the copied code and Save it. You can give a title or just leave the title box blank.

22. Copy the second code.

23. Open the page you created.

24. Choose HTML.

25. Paste the copied code and Publish it.

Use the comment box if you are facing any errors or if you have anything to ask me. Thank you.


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