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Do you know  you can also use FeedBurner subscription box instead of a widget from Blogger widgets. Some others use third party subscription box designed using HTML and CSS which looks really great. But most of them consumes more time to load, which means increase in loading time. The reasons for increased loading time are the increase in sever requests and CSS.

Almost everyone using BlogSpot uses FeedBurner, but how many of you are using the subscription code from FeedBurner. Most of us are not even heard about it. I heard about it a few months before when I was searching for a third party subscription box. And I made a try and it was awesome. It is simple in looks but great in speed. I will tell you how to create a subscription box using FeedBurner.


  • Open FeedBurner in your browser.
  • Login with your Gmail account using which you created a blog.
  • Now you can see your Blog name in feedburner. It automatically creates feed when you create a blog.



  • Click on the Blog Name, your feed.




  • Click on Publicize.




  • You can see Email Subscriptions in the right side, click on it.



  • You can see the code now as shown in the image. There will be two boxes with codes. We the code in the first one.
  • Under the box you can see an rectangular box menu where the default value is TypePad. Change it to Blogger.
  • Copy the code.



  • Open Blogger.
  • Open your blog dashboard.
  • Click on Layouts.



  • Click on Add a Gadget.
  • A new tab with gadgets will be opened.



  • Choose on HTML/JavaScript from it.
  • You can see two boxes now.



  • Paste the code copied from FeedBurner in the Content box (Large Box).
  • Give a title as Subscribe or as you like. But it’s optional, so you can also left it as blank.
  • Click on Save.

Save the Layout and open your blog to see the new Subscription box.


You can adjust the size of the box by changing the height and width. Also you can change the size of the box by changing the width style="width:140px" name="email".


You can remove the text and link Delieverd by FeedBurner by simply removing this code


<p>Delivered by <a href="" target="_blank">FeedBurner</a></p>


Comment if you need any other changes in design.


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