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We often relate states in South India to humidity and soaring temperatures. But what we forget is that states of South India have everything that can make a vacation memorable. From beaches to its multi cuisine culture, people who visit here often go home happy and ready to return again in future. If you live in Mumbai, then Chennai can be the ideal place for you as the places here can calm your stressed-out mind, and help you relax. With a number of offers available online, you can easily book Mumbai to Chennai flights to get best of deals. Here are some of the reasons Chennai is an awesome place to visit.



  • Beaches: In spite of the fact that there just 3 beaches in Chennai, you will discover the beaches in preferable conditions over anyplace else in India. There are very few shacks on the beach which imply considerably less rubbish. Rather, you can discover individuals of all societies gelling up and traders offering stuff that you more often than not won’t discover in the shops outside. Marina Beach, however, is more commercial than Elliott’s and the Covelong shoreline where you can discover corn centre points scattered around the spot.


  • Crowd: Individuals here are simply astounding; they will go to any length to bail you out. The misguided judgement that South Indian individuals don’t care for people is not right. Individuals regularly guide you to what to see and what to do while you are here. Despite the fact that there is an evident dialect hindrance yet at the same time, the general population attempt to help you out each conceivable way.


  • Celebration: Individuals simply love to celebrate festivals in Chennai. With the sort of social assorted qualities that Chennai has, you will see even houses of worship and sanctuaries topped off to observe Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. Indeed, even the local gatherings organised by companions and relatives is a lovely sight with individuals meeting up to praise the great.


  • Flea markets: Indeed, even Chennai has markets where you can purchase numerous things at less cost if you have great bargaining abilities. One of them is Burma Bazaar, where you can discover different foreign products sold at economical costs. Here you can take home items like DVDs, scents, saris and shoes sold under one rooftop.


  • History: Chennai is a standout amongst the most historically rich urban areas in the world. Chennai is even called the cultural capital of India for its rich legacy and conventions that are even taken after today. There are numerous ancient temples and churches in Chennai which go back to the seventeenth century. One such landmark is Kapaleeswarar temple which was made the seventh century and is an established sample of Dravidian style of architecture.


  • Eateries: In the event that Goa is well known for its seafood, Chennai has a taste for traditional food and channel Kappa (espresso). One of the best dinners for the foodies out there is Murugan Idli which serves you lavish idlis, dosas and a great deal more. Furthermore, what takes the ice is the Rooh Thanda, a cold dessert waiting for you just outside the Murugan Idli at a conservative cost of Rs 50.

So visit Chennai on your next trip to witness the harmonious living so many people under one roof. Book Mumbai to Chennai flights to save the time and spend more of it in Chennai. Happy journey to you.

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