How To Optimize Blogger Blog For Faster Loading

You know, Blogger is a Free Blogging Platform. And it’s one of the best blogging platforms.

Are you using Blogger? Is your blog loading faster?

There are no plugins or such things for Blogger to speed up the site. So, here are some techniques which can help to reduce your blog loading time.


Flash Contents

Are you using flash contents on your site?

It may be attractive, but it adds load to your site and affects the site loading speed. So, please try to avoid using flash contents especially from post pages and main page. You can use it on other pages if necessary. Because post pages and main page are opened more than other pages.

Minify Code

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript for faster loading of the site. If there are many external scripts, it can affect the site loading speed and try to avoid using external scripts more.

To minify CSS :Click here first, a new tab will be opened where you can see the tool. After that you can copy the CSS part from Layout – – Templates– Edit Template and paste it in CSS minifying tool. And after minifying copy the code and paste it in the template from where you copied the code to minify.


Use Lazy Load

Do you know about Lazy Load?

Yes, the WordPress plugin which helps to load images only after loading text completely.

Use this Lazy load Script in your BlogSpot blog to make it load faster by loading the images load only after loading text. This script cannot decrease your blog loading time by seconds. But it can help you to show your site to the visitors faster.

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Don’t use unwanted widgets. There are several widgets for BlogSpot Blogs. Use the widgets you need. Try to avoid widgets that add a huge load to your site.

Use SumoMe, AddThis or Add To Any for social share buttons.

Feedburner Subscriber box works best with Blogger.


Optimize Images

Optimize Images before uploading it into blogger. Both online and offline tools are available for free. Optimzilla is a great tool for optimising images. Optimizilla is available offline for Windows PC, where you can optimize images.


Use Better Themes

You can find several Free and Paid themes for Blogger. You can search on Google using the keywords like, “Free Blogger templates”, “Free WordPress adapted Blogger templates”, etc. for better themes. There are Premium themes also, which will be better in speed. And let me know if you have any question related to this post.

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