Kolkata – Looking Beyond The Contrasting Shades Of The City

This is a guest post by Saamya Sharma.

Everybody has distinctive elucidations of the picture that strikes a chord at the very thought of Kolkata and this is no big surprise in light of the fact that the city is energizing and immeasurable as it may be. This article tries to depict the various picture of Kolkata and the two unmistakable sides of the city – the old and the new.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata
Howrah Bridge Kolkata


What is the one thing every explorer takes notice of Kolkata when they touch the base? The population and the chaotic traffic! This metropolitan city what was at one time a Bengali fortification is presently a blend of individuals of all races, in spite of the fact that the Bengalis are still the unmistakable greater part. The lanes are stuffed with individuals left, right, forward and backward and the movement is turbulent and might call it disorderly, even. Nonetheless, this all adds to the experience of being in the city of Kolkata.

If Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, then Kolkata is the commercial capital of the entire east of India. This is one of the major reason the Mumbai to Kolkata flight remains packed with people, especially businessmen. Calcutta is without a doubt one of the main real urban communities of India and an accumulation of individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds. On your stay here you will see there are two sides to the city – Old and New, and however not named such, the distinctions represents itself with no issue. The southern part can be viewed as the new current Kolkata. Everything current from enormous shopping edifices, shopping centers, new corporate office structures, eateries, worldwide sustenance and dress chains and most lavish lodgings in Calcutta are all present in this side of the city. On the off chance that you are hoping to have a fabulous time and appreciate present day format then you ought to consider staying this side of the city.

Then again, the Northern piece of Kolkata will give you the essence of old Calcutta. The majority of the structures and foundations in this some portion of Kolkata was worked amid the British period and the entire region reverberates a notable vibe to the entire city making you sense that you ventured into ‘Calcutta’, as opposed to ‘Kolkata’. This some portion of Calcutta is splendidly suited for touring and instructive reason. In spite of the fact that not as “fun” as the Southern part, this zone has its own appeal and individuals with a creative talent will want to settle or at least stay in this a portion of Calcutta.

On arriving Kolkata on the off chance that despite everything you have not decided whether to stay in North or South, go for a sheltered decision and stay in the lodgings close Calcutta airport – the starting point of Calcutta tourism, where the meet and greet of both foreign and domestic travelers happen. A stay near the airport will also help you avoid the chaotic traffic of Kolkata, a reason of many flight misses.

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