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What is a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

WordPress installed in a hosting you bought is called a self-hosted WordPress blog. BlueHost, GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGatar are some of the well established hosting providers. And there are several plans with different features like Backup, support, and a lot more. A self-hosted WordPress gives you more features than a free blog.

Why is Self hosted WP blog more popular?

  1. Free and user-friendly.
  2. Full control over the blog.
  3. Can upload and use custom themes and plugins.
  4. You can put ads or whatever you want.
  5. Custom analytics.



Why BlogBing?

Do you how much it will cost you if you are hosting your WP blog in any of the hosting providers? It will be approximate $50/Year. Want to know how?

Hosting charge – $3-$7/month.

Some provide free domain, some others not.

Domain Charges – $0-$10

If the hosting charge is $4/month then it will be $48/year.


But if you are hosting your site in BlogBing it’s completely free. You save $48/year.

You can import your site if you have already one into BlogBing. Don’t worry if you don’t know about it because there is a special team for BlogBing to do this for you completely free of cost. Not only this they will also help you in designing your full blog free of cost which you will never get for free anywhere unless your best friend is a designer.

Other Features of BlogBing :

  1. Free
  2. Built for SEO
  3. 200+ Themes (Genesis framework and other child themes will be installed soon.)
  4. 90+ plugins
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. Amazing Speed (It’s VPS Hosting)
  7. Custom Domain (You have to buy the domain but there is no installation charges.)
  8. 24/7 Support


BlogBing Features

You can choose different plans according to your needs.

Free Plans Includes :

  1. 20GB disk space
  2. 25,000 Pageviews/month
  3. Free sub domain
  4. Ticket support
  5. Daily backups
  6. One Ad Unit will be placed on the post pages.

Pro Plan Includes :

  1. No Ads
  2. 20GB disk space
  3. 50000 page views/month
  4. Free sub domain
  5. Ticket and Email support
  6. Daily backups

Expert Plan Includes :

  1. No Ads
  2. 50GB disk space
  3. Unlimited Pageviews
  4. Free Premium Domain
  5. Ticket and Email Support
  6. Daily backups
BlogBing Plans
See the plans, can you find such plans anywhere? No hosting provider will give you such an amazing features in the free plan itself. I’m sure about it.

How To Signup On BlogBing?

BlogBing Signup

Signup is a free process and takes a few minutes only.

You can register for BlogBing.


My Review :

Hey, guys, do you know OD N EVN is hosted in BlogBing and I think as a startup BlogBing is really doing good. The support given by them is really appreciable. They helped me in designing this blog and for the migration also. My blog OD N EVN was hosted in blogger first, so migrating to WordPress without losing any visitors was a question before me, but BlogBing handled everything for me and done their job pretty well. You are going to love BlogBing once you experience it.

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