How to get Free API Key From Askimet For Your WordPress Blog

askimet pricing

What is Askimet?

Askimet is an essential free WordPress Plugin, because spam comments are nothing new to WordPress blogs. It helps to prevent spam through comments in  your WordPress Blog. It’s from the developers of WordPress itself. It’s now a widely used plugin. It moves the comment which looks like spam into the spam folder, thereby making your job a little easy. This is a must have plugin for a WP blog.

After the installation a Askimet plugin you will be asked for a API key which you will get from their official site. There are plans available. You can choose the best one according to your needs. If yours is a Personal or Non-commercial blog the free plan is more than enough. But if you go to their site for API key there you will be confused, because you will not see anything written FREE there. But you will get that API key for free if you read this full post.

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So, here what we have to do is simple and easy. You can follow the steps to get your free askimet API key.

askimet pricing

  1.  Click on Get Started in the Basic Plan.
  2. Now you can see a slider like in the image given. Drag it into the extreme left.
  3. Click on Continue.
  4. Signup with your WP account.
  5. You will get your askimet API key via Email.



You can also support Askimet by giving an amount as annual contribution or you else you can use it for free in your Personal or non-commercial site.

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