Things to do Before You Say Au Revoir to Punjab

golden temple amritsar

This is a guest post by Rishi Tomar.

                  Punjab is one of the most fascinating and original places in India. Its influence, mainly in the cuisine can be seen all over India and some parts of the world. Every single day and minute is exciting, entertaining and enlightening to the intrigue travelers. This article talks about the things you must definitely do during your visit and stay in Punjab.
golden temple amritsar 
                 Punjab, the prosperous land with green fields, hard working people, dusty rurals with people driving around in open jeeps and royal enfields and the home to the best planned city in India. There is so much that the state has seen in the past and has broken the shackles of the past and has now emerged as the city we know of today. New Delhi to Amritsar taxi is easily available for tourists and travellers looking forward to arriving to Punjab via Delhi. Listed below are some of the few things you must definitely experience on your visit to Punjab.
Visit the religious places
                   Despite the fact that there is a numerous spread of temples and gurudwaras spread all across the state of Punjab, the main temple in Punjab is undoubtedly the Golden Temple in the city of Amritsar. This is undoubtedly the main attraction to the city of Amritsar if not the whole state of Punjab. It is a must-visit if you are a Sikh and it will further intrigue you in visiting the other temples and gurudwaras in Punjab.
Try the food
                Punjab is famously known worldwide for its scrumptious and delectable cuisine. It is going to be an epic journey for you if you can survive on meat for days! But even if you are a vegetarian, worry not, there are so many other delicacies and special vegetarian dishes which goes perfectly with their different variations of flat bread. You will discover new unique spin to each classics on every new dhaba or restaurant you pay a visit to and will leave you in a dilemma if you prefer the classic original or the one that has just been served to you.

Explore rural Punjab

               The true heart of Punjabis and Punjabi lifestyle and flavour lies not in the cities but the rural areas. Pay a visit to the villages in Punjab and ride along the beautiful long stretches of picturesque mustard fields and various other vegetation. Visit small homes and drink the purest milk and lassi and buy some eatables, vegetables and buy provisions and request a family in the village to cook a meal for you and get the real feel of Punjab.

Lastly, shake it off!

                There is nothing more gratifying than releasing your energy and just letting go and not care about what other people think as you involuntarily dance to the beats of Punjabi music. Dance to the world famous Bhangra music and let go of all your tiredness, troubles and just live in the moment before you finally say goodbye to this beautiful state where you learnt and experienced feelings you will carry on for your entire lifetime.

               You can contact the driver of the same New Delhi to Amritsar taxi you came in and arrange for a ride back. Punjab will be one defining visit that will most definitely shine out amongst your other Indian destination because of the unique individuality it possess.

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