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Infographic – The Graphical representation of information or data or knowledge which are made to present ideas or information clearly and quickly. 

Information Graphic or infographic can help to present your ideas or information 10x clearer and quickly.

The every infographic you in the web has undergone several hours of hard work. And do you know what, some tools are available online-Free and Paid that helps to create infographic much easier?



  • It’s one of the best online tools to create the infographic, banners, etc.
  • There are over 500 templates from which you can choose the one you need.
    • Templates are classified based on the categories.
    • Some templates are available for Paid users only.
    • The free plan consists of a lot of good templates.
  • Pricing
    • There are three different plans.
    • Piktochart packages : Consists of 3 packages.
      • Lifetime Free Plan
      • Lite : $9/month
      • Pro : $19/month
    • Non-profit : $39.99/year. No other plans in this category. This plan consists of all templates and other features.
    • Education : Consists of 2 packages.
      • Individual Pro : $39.99/year. Consists of all templates and many other features.
      • Classroom Pro : $120/4 months. Consists of al features and this account is available for 30 users.


Google Developers


This is not something advanced as another infographic maker. But, this is a great tool for creating different types of charts. Many templates are available and you can create according to your need. This tool is a part of Google Developer tools and you can see many other products from page.

Pixlr-Photo Editor


Pixlr is a free photo editor. You might be familiar with this tool if you have used Pixlr mobile app. The online tool is different from the mobile app and more useful than it. It has a lot of features which will be of great use. You can also create the infographic using Pixlr. And it’s easy to use. This app is available for free. But there will be an advertisement on the right side of the page.


This is different from other tools. There are several pricing packages available for this. And there’s a free plan also. But the free plan has lots of limitations. You can’t download the image in the free plan. But, considering other features available in the premium plan, it is a great infographic maker available.




This is the most recommended tool. This has free and premium plans. But the free plan is great and consists of many features you need. This is not only an infographic maker but also a great tool for photo editing and other graphical things. You can create the presentation, banners, etc. using this online photo editing tool.

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