Ethnic Cultural Influences on Modern Fashion Trends

The world of fashion is these days everything but limited in any sense. This is probably the most obvious when it comes to collections that are inspired by different ethnicities and cultures. Many designers are inspired by the fusion of numerous fashion trends, so they try to be as innovative as possible in order to come up with something that the public hasn’t seen yet. Ethnic influences are one of the major sources of inspiration for them, and there are good reasons for that. Here are just some of them.

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Ethnic Cultural Influences in the World of Fashion

Some of the most prominent world’s designers and fashion houses are nowadays turning to the ethnic motifs in their newest collections. They are drawing inspiration from the distant cultures of Asia and Africa, and a myriad of their tribes. Such motifs are present everywhere – from a runway to high street fashion, which is exactly why they became so trendy and available to everyone. In this way, such pieces of clothing represent a unique form of art that features authentic fabrics and complex patterns. These pieces can, therefore, be combined with basics such as the white shirt, jeans or classical trousers. If ethnic wear is your cup of tea, possibilities are indeed infinite.


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Fashion Trends Inspired By Ethnic Cultural Differences

There are so many fashion trends that are inspired by ethnic cultural differences, and some of them are the following:

  1. Boho Ethnic

Floral prints, bell sleeves, lace, flared jeans, fringes and heavy jewellery are extremely popular today thanks to celebrities such as Olsen twins, Sienna Miller and Kate Most. They nudged peasant blouses, maxi skirts, fringed leather jackets and oversized tunics into the mainstream, and many designers willingly embraced this trend. John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli were inspired by the gypsy fashion that is a symbol of mystery and freedom. It is also characterized by fringed, tasselled and feathered jewellery that is typical for the bohemian lifestyle of the gypsies.


  1. Body Piercing

Body piercing is making a huge comeback these days, and numerous designers claim that this accessory will be one of the hottest trends in the following season. This trend originates from the distant cultures of African tribes, where such a thing is a part of folklore. However, this trend of body piercings can be very fashion forward, featuring different methods of ear, nose and lip stretching. On the other hand, renowned designers put a spin on this ancient practice by creating luxurious pieces that can be worn at all kinds of events.


  1. Indian Ethnic Wear

The culture of India is stunningly versatile, featuring the finest materials and most vivid colours at one place. Saree is just one of the pieces of clothing that is a true inspiration for many designers. This amazing dress becomes even more amazing when you find out that it consists of an extremely long single piece of fabric. Numerous designers took it to the next level by modernizing it while keeping its authenticity at the same time. It is often worn with a crop top and underskirt, and it has to be draped tightly over a woman’s body. That requires a specific set of skills and a lot of practice. Saree’s vivid colours, complex patterns and breathtaking embroidery are just some of the reasons for its popularity among the fashionistas all over the globe.


As you can see, these ethnic influences indeed caught on in the world of fashion, and there are great reasons for that.

These are a perfect combination of traditional motifs and modern elements that fascinate all the fashion-forward people out there. Fashion is definitely all about play and matching unmatchable – so all you have to do is to have fun and make the best of it.

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