Best Alternatives Of AdSense

alternatives of adsense

Most beginners start their blog thinking that they have Google AdSense to make money from their blog. But most of them don’t get their AdSense account approved and some others get their account banned in few days or months.

Google AdSense pays the highest amount per ad click and you can’t find a better Advertisement Company that Google AdSense considering the payout. But if you are banned or didn’t get approval from AdSense, then you can try these alternatives which are not far behind the AdSense.

I’m including both Ad Networks and Affiliate companies that can help you earn money online. So, you can try everything and find the best that is suitable for you and the niche you chose. is the closest or similar ad network to Google AdSense. They pay per click on ads. The minimum threshould is $100. is the best alternative I can suggest to you. is far better than other ad alternatives of AdSense.

You can create customized ad units suitable to your site’s colour and looks.

Currently it’s not available for public. You need to get an invite from a current user or you can apply for an invite here.

2. BidVertiser

In this you display ads on the website and advertisers bid on the ads and you earn maximum cost per click and also from the conversion generated from those clicks. Minimum Pay Out through PayPal is $10 and $100 through check. So this is another best way to make some money.

3. Chitika

  It’s one of the advertising company, which is always in a list of top 10 alternatives of AdSense. The minimum Pay out is $10 through PayPal and $50 through check. You can also earn by referring other publishers. You will earn a 10% of what they earn up to first 10 months.

4. Revenue Hits

 It can be considered as one of the best alternative. They have CPA, CPM and CPC models. The Payment is available through wire, PayPal and Pioneer.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is a pay per click advertising company. After you register on it, they will index your page and add hyperlinks to some of the keywords. If you have a large number of visitors you can earn a good amount using it.
Infolinks is one of the best alternatives of Adsense.

6. VigLink

VigLink is like inflolinks but its pay per lead. You will not be paid for clicks in VigLink. But if you have a good traffic this is a good option for you. Some keywords will be automatically converted into Affiliate links and whenever people buys a product from the affiliate link you will get a commission. Tech Niche blogs are more benefited from this.
Other Affiliate marketing like Amazon Affiliate, Blue Host affiliate etc. are the best paying affiliate programs.

Tell us your opinions and tell me about some other advertisers.

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