An Interview With Blogger Melody Rosa

Here is an Interview with Melody Rosa of Blog She Is Melrose.

1. Can you tell us about you in a few lines?

                   Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, LIM College.I started out as a modern dancer. The arts and Broadway scenes took my breath away. Trying to pursue a dancing career meant taking constant trips to the hospital. Feeling like I lost myself, I had to do something, anything. I landed a position working in a trendy boutique in the Upper East Side. My whole life change; within the first week of working at the boutique. Clients were clueless on what to wear and wanted me to be their personal stylist. I knew from that moment, I had something else to offer. Although this industry is a roller coaster is a dream come true I’m a Sales & Merchandising Assistant and a Blogger Mentor.Webinars hosted monthly.

2. How did you get into blogging?

                 High school I started and stop. I started taking it seriously when my friend asked me if I can be a blogging teacher for her non-profit center.

3. What is the best service a blogger can give to their readers?

                  A guide to help them in their niche.

4. How do you manage your time for blogging?

                 I have a planner but I make it realistic to my life so I blog once a week.

5. What strategy helped you to get more traffic to your blog?

               I’ve joined facebook groups. I network leave comments on other blogs and so much more.

6. How were your initial days of blogging?

              It was moe like a personal diary hard to keep up with since I was going through a very hard time in my life back then.I felt my  progression over the years and learn how to take control of my life and now I can balance blogging successfully along with other things.

7. What was your most challenging situation in your blogging life?

             Back then I didn’t really had an idea of what I wanted from it.I honestly stopped when a professor told me I have a huge grammar problem.It shut me down and I was like what’s the point.I lost interest in writing and just started to reblog pretty pictures in my Tumblr feed.I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way and excited to be a part of the WordPress community.

8. How blogging changed your life?

             It brought the joy that I was missing from life.It helped me overcome depression in a weird way and it help me step out of my bubble in blogging.I’m proud to write fashion blogger on my business card and seeing people eyes glisten I’m slowly making my own business and still work in my field is a very empowering feeling of being complete.

9. ( i )  People want to make money online, do you think that blogging is the best way to make money?

            If your just in it for the money that when I will have to stop you and find something else.Money doesn’t come automatically it comes within time.Blogging takes a huge investment in yourself.I have seen some profit but over a course in small amounts eventually I would like to make more(of course we all do who doesn’t want to make more money).Overall you have to commit you have to commit yourself to it.

( ii ) Do you have any tips for those people who want to make money online?

            Do the works. I’m profiting on my webinars. You can also do an e-book, sell merchandise with your quotes, pictures. Offer your service for a fee, the opportunities are endless.

10. What are your achievements from blogging? Do you have any tips for upcoming bloggers?

             I’ve met designers, other bloggers, I started my own business(of course slowly in the process is only been 4 months)I’ve done blogging meetups I was even honored at an event. I can’t think of all of it now but honestly the opportunities are endless you have to start by believing in yourself first and trusting your grind.

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