An Interview With Ashley Kessler – A Lifestyle Blogger

                        Blogging is not just a way to make income. It’s a lifestyle. Here is an interview with A Lifestyle Blogger Ashley Kessler of The Daily Hike.

1. Can you tell us about you in a few lines?

                      Hello! My name is Ashley Kessler and I’m a nursing student at the University of North Georgia. I started my blog because I have a passion for writing and it quickly grew into much more than just that – a passion for web design, reaching people, making new blogging-friends, and more. The Daily Hike is a lifestyle blog that features anything from my personal experiences, to product reviews, to guest posts, and much more.

2. How did you get into blogging?

                     I’ve always had a passion for writing and wanted a productive outlet to post on, rather than doodling away into a journal. I felt like I had influential things to say to the world, so what better way than to buy my own little slice of the internet and start a blog?

3. What is the best service a blogger can give to their readers?

                    I think the best service a blogger can give to their readers would be open-minded, honest writing and really make it something that people can relate to. The internet is full of objective, informative pieces. I feel like blogs should be catered towards the subjective side and really lettings readers hear their personality through their writing.

4. How do you manage your time for blogging?

                    It’s my nightly ritual to sit down and either write for the blog or read my fellow bloggers posts. I usually sit down for about an hour or two with my favorite Netflix show or music running in the background and disappear into the online world for a little bit.

5. What strategy helped you to get more traffic to your blog?

                    I wouldn’t have much traffic to my blog if it weren’t for social media networking – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Out of all of those, creating a Facebook page that my readers could ‘like’ and follow that was has dramatically increased my traffic. Honestly, if you focus more on writing well and effectively, your posts will bring in traffic on their own. Worry about writing first, traffic second.

6. How was your initial days of blogging?

                     My first days of blogging were stressful and time consuming. I was learning so much information in so little time that it was hard to understand it all and know how to put it to use. Everyday words like HTML, traffic, etc. were getting new meanings for me and I had to learn how to put all of the information to good use. I’m glad I did put the time in, because now it’s much more relaxed and more about maintaining the blog, rather than actively trying to make it better.

7. What was your most challenging situation in your blogging life?

                    The most challenging situation thus far (I’ve only had my blog since the beginning of December) would have to be getting writer’s block and staring at my screen for an hour and having absolutely no clue what to write about. It was stressful because I hadn’t posted in about five days and really felt pressured to have something published so my readers wouldn’t forget about me.

8. How blogging changed your life?

                  Blogging has given me an outlet to talk about things that I feel strongly about and connect with other people with the same (or different) viewpoints as myself. I am meeting so many new people and loving every minute of it.

9. People wants to make money online, do you think that blogging is the best way to make money? Do you have any tips for those people who want to make money online?

                 I haven’t experienced making money with blogging just yet, but it is a goal of mine to learn how to do. However, I routinely use a website called Inbox Dollars in which I take surveys and complete product trials in which I get paid for doing. I would suggest that site to everyone who has a few spare minutes a day and likes giving their opinion on products.

10. What are your achievements from blogging? Do you have any tips for upcoming bloggers?

                My biggest achievement would be one of my readers submitting an article of mine to the town’s local Facebook page and then them posting it. My traffic skyrocketed for the next few days and I was getting so much positive feedback. It was really nice to see that so many people loved my post. My tip for upcoming bloggers would be to write about what you love and those who love it will find their way to your site and it will grow from there. Learn who your audience is and target them, and I promise your following will grow ten-fold.

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