Top 5 Backlink Checker Tools

What Are Backlinks?

A link from anywhere on the web to your blog or the link you gave to any other website or blog will be called as a backlink. The link can be from another blog or website. The link of your blog you posted in a comment will also act as a backlink.
Backlinks can be classified into two, do follow and no follow backlink. A do follow link is more useful for a blog, it helps to increase the blog rank in search engines. But this doesn’t mean that no follow links are useless. It also helps in rankings.
We can classify backlinks into good and bad. Good backlinks are obtained from good sites with good content and traffic and bad backlinks are obtained from sites with low-quality content and traffic. This is an important factor we should consider while building backlinks. Because bad backlinks will affect your blog ranking. So, try to avoid bad backlinks. You can check it using backlink checker tools. If you found bad backlinks, you can remove that backlink using webmaster tools.

How can I build Backlinks?

You can build backlinks by following the methods.

Backlink Checker Tools :

You know how important the backlinks are so we should be updated with its details. And these are the widely used best websites for checking backlinks.

1. AHrefs :

          AHrefs is a premium tool but if you register for a free account, you can analyse total backlinks with anchor text. AHrefs premium offers several other features and it worth the price.

2. SEMrush :

         SEMrush is an excellent tool using by several bloggers. SEMrush offers a trial plan and premium plan. If you can afford it, I think it’s the best tool for backlink analysis.

3. OpenLinkProfiler :

             This is a completely free backlink checker tool for checking fresh backlinks to your site. You can export thousands of backlinks in CSV format.

4. Open Site Explorer :

              This is a free tool for checking backlinks to your site. But using the free tool you can’t analyse full backlinks for free. But you can see the total number of backlinks to your site using the free tool. For the complete analysis, you should buy a premium plan.You can export thousands of backlinks in CSV format.

5. Link Diagnosis :

                Link diagnosis provides you different options while checking backlinks. You can check the backlink of a particular page using this tool. Link Diagnosis works best with Mozilla Firefox.

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