How to Earn Via Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most paying companies and most reliable. Most of the online publishers major income source is Google AdSense. And you won’t believe, some of them are making more than your imagination.
To start earning via AdSense,
  • You should own a web property like a blog, YouTube channel, Apps, or anything which can be included in the category “Web Property”.
  • You should get approval from Google AdSense team.
  • You should follow the AdSense rules and guidelines.

Why AdSense?

The first reason is easy, it’s a Google product. So, you can trust them. They won’t cheat you.But should take some care.You should not click on your ads, it will lead to AdSense Ban.
  • AdSense is the most paying Ad network.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) is more than any other ad network.


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To create a youtube channel you need to own a google account.

  • ·       Sign In to youtube using your Gmail account.
  • ·        In the left side you can see My channel.
  • ·        Now a pop up will come, allow it.
  • ·        Your youtube channel is ready.
Upload some videos every day for a week or more and apply for AdSense.
                       After getting AdSense, please don’t ask your friends and family to click on your ads every time because if you are caught doing that your account will be banned and it’s hard to get approval again. So to get clicks :
·        Don’t copy and paste articles from another blog, if you want to write about the same topic then read more about your topic and understand it well and write about it. So that you will get more traffic if your content is good and something more is there in it.
·        Promote your blog through your fans page and groups,etc.

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