Top Natural Methods To Get Beautiful Lips

Beautiful lips are always an attraction. Everyone wants beautiful lips. But due to many reasons, most of them don’t have beautiful lips. Cigarette smoking is one of the main cause of the dark colour of lips. And there are plenty of reasons. And if that is not due to heredity, try this- you will love these methods.

    Sugar Scrub

Mix 3 spoons of Sugar with two spoons of Butter and scrub your lips for 30 seconds thrice a week. Sugar will remove the dead skin in your lip and makes it look fresh. The materials are available in nearby shops and you can use this sugar scrub instead of scrubs which contain many chemicals. And please don’t use this everyday. Scrubs are not made for daily use. Using scrubs daily can damage your skin and so, use the scrub twice or thrice a week.

    Use Pomegranate seeds

Crush up the seeds of a pomegranate, mix the crushed seeds with some cold milk cream to form a paste, then apply this paste to the lips.This should be repeated several times a week to gradually increase the pinkness of your lips. This method is for getting color to your lips, so you should apply sugar scrub before if dead skin is present on the lips.


    Turmeric-Milk Paste

Mix a spoon of turmeric with a drop of sugar. Simply apply the paste to the lips and leave to sit for five minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This is an effective method and you must try this method.

    Rasberry scrub

Mix raspberry with Aloe Vera and honey and scrub your lip for 10 minutes before rinsing. After that apply homemade lip balm which can increase the gloss of your lip. This is only for making your lips glossy. So, for the colour and removal of dead skin, you should follow the other methods.


    Rose petals

Crush rose petals and simply rub freshly crushed petals on your lip. You might have heard about this earlier, it acts as a moisturiser and also for getting color to the lips.



With a slice of cucumber rub your lip simply for 5 minutes every day. This can lighten your lip colour to pink.

    Strawberry Lip Balm

Try this homemade strawberry lip balm to get natural glossy pink lips. Mix a spoon of strawberry with two spoons of Petroleum jelly and apply it on your lip.

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