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The domain odnevn(dot)com has a story like you and me. We have changed a lot, right? BTW, this is an updated post. It was first written before one year three months. And it had a lot of grammar mistakes. I know still it’s not perfect, but I can try to make it better, right!

The story of the domain began on September 1st of 2015. I was thinking about starting a blog to share something like Android tips and other related things. And I created some blogs, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I made. So, I thought about discussing it with two of my friends, Rishijith and Vaishnavi. Haven’t you seen them? No? Please go to About us page, you can see their photos on that page.

Rishijith made a WhatsApp group and added Vaishnavi and me to the group. Yes, we three are interested. And the next thing was the Title of the blog. We found several names. And it took us more than three hours to choose a name. Yes, I found the name – “ODD OR EVEN”. But, we want a change on it. Again after few minutes of discussion, we changed it to “ODD AND EVEN”. The domain is too long. It should be like that. So, we made a small change; we replaced the “AND” with “N”. Yes, it was fixed. I opened Blogger.com.

We created this blog on Blogger. And moved it to WordPress after five months.

I replaced the sub domain name from settings to oddnevn(dot)blogspot(dot)com. And I thought about searching if the domain is available on Bigrock. No, it wasn’t. I felt tired. What should we do now? I asked them, later, in the same night after few more minutes, we came up with an idea of shortening the name of the domain to “odnevn”. Yes, it’s available.

Do you want to see the first logo we made?

I started building the site. Tried many themes. I know HTML and CSS, not an expert on it. But I can understand and make changes on it. And I was not trying a lot of themes that night. In the morning, we published our first article. Trust me, it was really bad. Full of mistakes and no one will be ever read it. And it was too short. And later on, they too published few posts.

After few days, I bought the domain odnevn(dot)com. And how are you all? Let’s chat in comments here.

About the Author: Adarsh M

Hi, I'm Adarsh.M, a blogger and web designer. I think blogging is the best medium to share the knowledge we have with everyone. I write about blogging, make money online, seo, and tech related topics. Share the knowledge.

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  1. Hi Adarsh,
    I am so glad to be here today.
    It is really interesting to note about your domain name and its birth.
    Wonderful selection indeed.
    I could very well relate some of the areas you shared.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Keep sharing
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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