7 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Defeats

inspire and learn from defeats

Albert Einstein once said,

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Mistakes and failures are a part of our lives. When you do something for the first time in your life, you make mistakes, and that is normal. The only situation when you make no mistakes is when you do nothing. However, even in this case, you make a mistake and perhaps this is the biggest one in your entire life.

We make mistakes each day. Some of them are small, even unnoticeable, some of them are bigger, and some of them appear to be important only in a few years. Mistakes reveal more possibilities to grow, to try something new, and to find out how you can act in different life situations.

There are two main approaches to the mistakes and defeats. The first one is to take them as an enemy. And the second one is to take them as a teacher. The mistakes that you make can explain you, more than any person. You just need to know how to learn from your defeats.

Here are lessons you can learn from being defeated:

    The life never ends with the defeats

A defeat is not a pleasant experience. Sometimes it can even knock the ground from under your feet and leave you feeling empty and disappointed. However, the time passes and the defeat becomes a vague memory of the situation that once occurred. In most cases, we do not even remember our defeats in a year or even in a couple of months.

Of course, some defeats have a great influence on our life. They can change our lifestyle, our relations with other people, and even our occupation. Still, we continue to live. A human being can beat any situation, take any defeat and continue to live happily ever after.

    You change your priorities

Mostly, people select the priorities that are not actually so important for them. They follow the tendencies and do not listen to what their hearts and minds tell. The defeat is the best way to understand what really matters to you. When you endure defeats, you analyze what that happens and what exactly caused the defeat. The funny thing is that sometimes we make these endure the defeats subconsciously, as we do not really need that kind of success.

    You start to appreciate what you have

When we are successful, we do not even think about what we have now. We take it like something indebted and eternal. But the defeats show us that nothing lasts long. The more defeats we endure, the more we appreciate what we have right now. This is a painful way to start value something, but it works better than anything else.

    You start to work on your approach to how and what you do

Most of the things we do in our life do not require our attention. Once we have found out some pattern, we follow it until it leads to some mistake. We do not want to change those patterns until they work. But we need to change them when they don’t. Each defeat makes you change your approach to the way you do something. You start to look for some other patterns, try something new, and in most cases, you succeed finding a better solution to what you do.

    You find the support

The success requires a support from your friends and relatives. It is easy to support a successful person, but it is not so easy to support a person who has problems. Making mistakes, you give yourself a chance to understand what kind of people surround you. Perhaps, some of them are not your friends actually. Moreover, defeats can help you find new friends. Sometimes the support comes from the people whom you have never called your friends.

    You understand how to control your emotions

Defeats are always connected with the negative emotions. It does not matter how optimistic you are, a failure always leads to the disappointment even if it reveals some new opportunities. Failures can help you deal with negative emotions. You start to understand the nature of them, and you start to understand what works better to get rid of them. The next time the failure happens, you will know how to overcome the emotional breakdown.

    You find new ways to get inspired

Just after the failure, you want nothing. But later on, you start to look for the ways to overcome the defeat. And you start to look for some inspiration. Failure makes you forget those things that inspired you previously, and you turn attention to new ways of finding inspiration. You start to wake up early in the morning as you notice that the inspiration comes when the sun rises. Or you start to read new books as you get inspired by the characters or the language itself.

Make a defeat your teacher. Enjoy this experience even though it may hurt or bother you. Remember that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Work hard, learn from your mistakes and allow yourself some failures. They can always enhance the way you live!

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