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watch mouse movements

watch mouse movements

Have you ever thought about watching your visitors’ each and every movement on Real Time?

You heard it right – you can watch your visitor’s every movement on your site Real Time, and everything is recorded for you. And, it’s Free to watch with GetSmartLook. You can analyse the mouse movements of your visitors. Not only mouse movements but also, where they click and what all things they do on your site.

Previously, it was completely free, but now they have started the premium plan with more features. If you have a lot of page views every month and if you need more features then grab the premium version of GetSmartLook. Because it helps. I will show you the premium plan before that ask yourselves these questions at least once.

You would need GetSmartLook if you asked these questions yourselves or to any others at least once.

  • My site gets lots of page views. Still, no one clicks on advertisements. Why?
  • My site contains high-quality contents. Still, the bounce rate is very high. Why?
  • My site is highly optimised for higher conversions. Still less conversion rate. Why?


You should know your visitors’ mind. You should know where are they clicking more or aren’t they clicking anywhere? If not, Why? So, to know that, you should see your visitors’ activities. And GetSmartLook is a tool that helps you to record your visitors’ movements on your site for free.

The installation of GetSmartLook is easy. You can use it on many platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc.



How to install GetSmartLook on WordPress?


1. Download the WordPress plugin – Smartsupp Live Chat here, or you can search “SmartLook” on WordPress plugin directory.

2. Now click “Smartsupp” and Install it if you are installing it from WordPress plugin directory.

3. If you are doing a manual upload then, Click on Plugins Menu.

4. Click on Add plugin.

5. Click on Upload Plugin.

6. Upload the downloaded file of Smartsupp WordPress plugin.

7. Click on Activate Plugin.

8. Go to GetSmartLook and log in with your details.

9. Click on Switch website.

10. Click on Add site.

11. Type your domain name and Click on Add new website.

12. Click on Tracking code.

13. Copy this code and open the Smarsupp plugin from your WP.

14. Paste the tracking code and Click on Save changes.

GetSmartLook is installed on your site. It will start recording when someone visits your site. You can login to get smart look dashboard and watch the recordings or can see live if someone is online on your site.


Premium Plans and Pricing

  • The free plan is suitable for blogs with less than 20,000 page views per month. But only 1000 videos will be stored in it. That is, the first video will be deleted after recording the 1001st video.
  • The pricing is not so high if we compare it with other services. But we can see that there aren’t several features.
  • They have increased the limits of recording and storage for those who need more videos.

So, I can’t say that; it’s the best but when compared with the other services with almost same features, get smart look is good, and you can use it for analysing your visitors’ movements and increase,

  • Advertisement revenue: You can find where your visitor is clicking the most and place an ad there to increase the clicks.
  • Decrease bounce rate: You can analyse your visitors’ movement and find why are they moving out of your site very soon and make necessary changes on your site.
  • Increase conversion rate: You can find why is the conversion rate of your site less than any others and make required changes according to that.

If we consider the free plan and other premium plans of get smart look with other services we can say that it’s the best and it’s good for small analysis of your site for some time and I recommend you to try this. Keep commenting your ideas and questions about GetSmartLook and related things.


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